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Prodoscore: Productivity Intelligence

The members of your team likely have access to a wide range of tools and apps to enable communication and collaboration, automate processes, and enjoy the freedom to work productively from anywhere on any device. Combining those tools with productivity intelligence and training is the key to user adoption.

90% of your work force are on target while 10% engage less than 1.5 hours

Tools that go misused or unused only serve to slow down your employees and managers, as well as the overall growth of your organization, making everything you do that much more difficult. Adoption of core tools organization-wide can speed up access to critical data and improve productivity.

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Prodoscore: Transparent access to employee tool use

Prodoscore is a productivity intelligence tool that gives managers visibility into what tools their team is using, without being invasive or disrupting workflow. It runs in the background while your employees work, gathering data about which tools are being used, by who, and when. This can provide valuable data such as who is using an old solution when they should be using a new one, or if employees abandon particular solutions shortly after opening them. It also creates accountability and transparency.

Prodoscore does not integrate with every solution or app in use by your organization; instead, it intelligently pulls in data from core tools like your productivity suite (including email, calendar, and documents), Unified Communication Solution (UCaaS), CRMs, and other common business applications. In addition to insightful contextual data that presents a broader understanding of employee engagement in general, you can start to visualize trends. Answers to questions like, “On what days and weeks are employees working in certain tools? How frequently are they collaborating throughout a week or month? Which tools make up the largest part of employees’ workday” can be quickly answered.

Integrating to core business tools

Office suites like Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) and Microsoft 365 allow employees to instantly connect, communicate, and collaborate from anywhere, making it possible for workplaces to support distributed working arrangements and enhance productivity. With Prodoscore, managers gain insight into how your employees are making use of those tools so you can identify potential red flags or bottlenecks, pinpoint training opportunities, or reward exceptional performers.

Whether it’s an accounting solution like QuickBooks, sales tool like LinkedIn Sales Navigator or Docusign, chat platform like Slack, project management software like, or applicant tracking software like Indeed,, or ZipRecruiter, you can instantly gain productivity intelligence from a wide range of essential tools.

Consider the wide usage of unified communications platforms and the ability to capture contextual data around calls and messages, meetings joined, and so much more. Whether your business relies on RingCentral, Vonage, Dialpad, Microsoft Teams, or any number of other popular unified communications tools, Prodoscore’s simple score and dashboard will help redefine the way you communicate, driving growth and improving overall productivity.

Activity in all the business tools you use will round out the productivity scores for each employee, giving you a better sense of how employees spend their time so you can ensure that efforts are being focused in the right areas and important duties don’t fall by the wayside.

In the chart below we mapped adoption of one UCaaS solution after implementing Prodoscore. Adoption increased 303% over 90 days.

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