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Top 10 Must Have Solutions: #1 ZenDesk

As promised, here is the first of our top 10 "must have" solutions for today's business environment.

Are you familiar with ZenDesk? Well, let me get you up to speed.

Most people know ZenDesk as an awarding Helpdesk software solution, but many are not aware that ZenDesk is also a rather brilliant, integrated user interface that allows you to merge all of your companies' communication into one location. Whether your company uses WhatsApp with international customers, chat and email domestically or Skype internally, you can now blissfully command the flow of communication across all channels, providing an arguably "zen-like" experience.

The results are smoother interactions, less repetition, happy agents and even happier customers.

It is a very cool tool that no one can really live without. Check out the promo video below to further grok the Zendesk user experience ... or contact for a live demo.

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